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This page is dedicated to some of the wonderful comments made by our customers! We thought you might like to hear what they have to say! Our customers have been truly generous and we are grateful for their continued patronage and kind words.

The soap arrived safely today. Many thanks for ensuring that I got exactly what I wanted, which indeed I did. Its a pleasure dealing with you and the SoapBar.

Martin M.

Hi Jacqueline! I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for the wonderful services you provide! I have been buying Agg-Tval soap online elsewhere and have been wasting time and money! Your website has the best deals for my beloved Swedish face soap not to mention the speediest service! I loved the handwritten personal note along with my order. I hope you all continue this wonderful service and providing your customers with outstanding care and lovely products we can't easily find in the States. I'm a customer for life! Best wishes for everything that you do!

Chase C., Kansas

Hi Jacqueline, Thank you for acting so professionally, a rarity in today's world. My granddaughter (6 yrs. old) is a big fan of your soap and talc. Be well. Best Regards,


Jacqueline, Just wanted you to know that I received my order of Tabac products today. I remember using this product when I was a teenager many years ago. It is certainly a nostalgic product to me. But it is also a unique fragrance and nothing on the market that I know of today smells anything similar to it. I realize I'm dating myself, but I don't really care because I am pleased with this order. Thank you very much for your "touch of class" too!


Dear Jacqueline, Count me among your many happy customers. My order arrived today and it was like receiving a gift. Everything was beautifully packaged and the handwritten note and product samples were such a personal touch. I think you can tell a lot about a company by the way it prepares and ships packages. Your packaging shows you respect the product you sell as well as your customers. That is very much appreciated! We will order again from you.

Suzanne F., Henderson, NV

Hi Jacqueline, I received my order of Claus Porto soaps today! What a surprise to have a hand written note from you. I appreciate all of the time and care that you took to make sure I received exactly what I was looking for. I wish you and your Soap Bar crew continued success. I can't wait to place another order with you in the future! Thank you again. Best Wishes,


Hi Jacqueline, I received my order and love the Lavender wash and lotion! Thank you for the hand cream. I will enjoy it. I truly appreciate your detail to customer service and look forward to shopping Soapbar again. Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. Sincerely,

Rebecca O.

Hi guys, I'm really happy with how quickly my order arrived & the Heno De Pravia products were great! Thank you for the hand written note & the little suprise. I just placed my second have a customer for life!

Sharon in Jacksonville Fl.

Jacqueline, We received our first package today. Thanks so much for the additional items you included. It's nice to know we now have an affordable source for the Magno soap.

Theresa M.

Hi Jacqueline, I have just received my order of Badedas. I found your little handwritten note and the samples in the package and I wanted to tell you it was a really nice surprise! A very sweet thought. Thank you, I'll be back!


Dear Jacqueline, Thanks you for getting my package here so quickly. Love the Samples! Thanks for the note. YOU ROCK. Have a great Holiday.

Joyce P.

Jacqueline, Thank you so much for the bar of soap you sent me!! That was such a wonderful surprise and I want you to know how much I appreciate it. I had a wonderful birthday, and you just made it last a little longer!! Thanks again for being so kind and thoughtful, and you can count on my business in the future! Take care......


Thank You Jacqueline for your pleasant note, regarding my purchase of Pravia Soap. No one but no one, regardless how much one may spend, ever sends a thank you note. So I'm thanking you for your kind message. I believe you customers will appreciate that effort, I did!! See you when I need more soap!!

Just placed my second order with you when i saw that the Magno soap was on sale. I spent forty years going back and forth to the South of Spain to visit parents who had retired to the region from dreary London. One of the thrills was filling the suitcase with Magno and Maja and not sharing with anyone; too precious or maybe just for a special friend for Christmas! Now I am delighted to get it through you, I might now share, cheaper than a plane thanks for the hand written note, so welcome to a Brit who still thinks manners count.....

Milou-Salt Lake City.

Hello: Just a thank you note for the prompt delivery of my order. As a first time buyer, I was impressed at the promptness and neatly packaged box. I have been a long time user of Magno soap until the specialty shop went out of business. I have not been able to locate a distributor in my area for ten years. So again thank you. I will be ordering more. Makes wonderful stocking stuffers at Christmas. Thank You,

Dana H.

Dear Jacqueline, received the order I placed just the other day, today........much to my suprise! I ordered several items from the Helan Vetiver and Rum collection. I recently discovered this great fragrance while visiting my sister in New Jersey. What a nice surprise to see tissue paper and a hand written note attached. It nice to know, AND discover, internet shops who'll take the time and care to acknowledge their customers. Class act all the way! Now......... I have to close in order to place another order for more Helen Vetiver and Rum collection products I forgot to order the first time! I wish you the best in your endeavor to maintain a successful internet business..... With regards,

Vic E.

Jacqueline, I just picked up my soap order this morning and wanted to thank you for your professionalism and prompt responses. It's a rare thing to receive a handwritten note and I greatly appreciate it. Sincerely,

Christine D., Manteo, NC

Thank you for my order of 2 Magno Soap. I was impressed with the care of the pckg and the lovely tissue paper made me feel like I just rec'd a gift. Thanks again

Ellen Roth...I'll be back.....!

Just to let you know, I am VERY pleased with all aspects of my recent purchase from you! (yes-all caps, bold, underline), enough to prompt an email, and look forward to my next.

Elizabeth O., Austin, TX

Hi Jacqueline, Not only was my recent online purchase of Herbacin Kamille + Glycerin Hand Cream delivered quickly and accurately, but I was so impressed by the hand-written note enclosed. I have never received a thank you note with an online purchase, much less a handwritten one, and I wanted to let you know that I really was wowed by it. I look forward to shopping with you again! Thank you,


Dear Jacqueline, Love the soap, your shipping was lightning fast, and I really appreciated the personal note!! You bet I'll be back soon--- it's a pleasure doing business with such a great company!! Many thanks! Yours truly,


Jacqueline: I just wanted to say "Thanks!" for such quick delivery. This is a belated Christmas gift for my mother. She loves Maja and had a hard time finding it. Your customer service extends itself and speaks highly of your business through that little extra personal touch of sending your personal hand written note. Thanks again! Hope you have a great year!

Jim Brown

I received my order a few days ago. I was impressed with the enclosed hand written note and appreciate the complementary hand lotion. Thanks for your assistance and I will plan on buying your products again in the future. Sincerely,


Dear Crew at The Soap Bar.Com,My previous order arrived promptly today, I was delighted with the care you took with the packaging, and also the handwritten note. Thank you for your extra touch during this busy season of gift giving. It brought a smile to me to do business with you.

Margaret L.. Port Orchard, WA

Jacqueline, Thank you so much for the prompt shipping of the wonderful soap which arrived safely yesterday. Your personal note added such a great touch. The Magno is positively addictive, and I'm glad I found a source as pleasant to deal with as you. (I was going to give several bars as gifts this year, but they smell so good in my bedroom that it will be hard to part with them!) One bar came in a Spanish box, and it's so beautiful I'm enjoying just looking at it! I've been doing a lot of online purchasing this year, and my order with you was definitely one of the more delightful transactions. Just wanted to let you know!

Susan N., NYC

I ordered my Macedonia soap late on Friday evening and it arrived yesterday, Monday! I couldn't believe the speed at which it arrived! I have a story similar to Mr. Palmer, who on your testimonial page, wrote re: Agua Lavanda. I too, met my subject in SC. Only I was living in Charleston. To shorten this story, a friend gave me a bar. I fell in love with it as soon as the lather touched my face. I couldn't wait to bathe wholely in it. I was able to continue getting the soap while I lived in Charleston. Hurrican Hugo came and we had to move. It wasn't long after moving to TN when I began to experience the culture shock of moving from one region to another. Among other things, Macedonia soap was unheard of. One of my clients from Charleston had heard me rave on this soap and how I couldn't find it anywhere here. She mailed me a bar for Christmas of 1990. I have squeeked that bar to last just a few months short of 14 years!!!! I fretted and fretted especially this last year, and broke it out to use only on my face one time a day in the evening to remove the day's make-up. I decided to enjoy the last sliver and be thankful I'd experiened it in this life. I'd washed my face Friday evening and sat down at the computer to give one more try at finding this treasure in the US and not have to mortgage the house to get it. Lo and behold, that's how I met you! And the hadwritten note, gorgeous hot-pink tissue paper, samples (I can't wait!), and expedience at which you ship-----YOU ARE THE GREATEST!!!!!! Thank you, thank you,thank you!! I know where I'll be doing MY Christmas shopping!

Amelia L.

Thanks so much! I'm so excited to have a Hero's Sponge again. I've been without for a few years now, and as you know... nothing works as well, but I couldn't find them anywhere. Also you price is about half that of Amazon! I'll let my friends know.

Stacey S.
PS- the hand written note was a very nice touch

Hi Jacqueline & Crew, I wanted to add a testimonial about the great products from the Soap Bar ... it is wonderful to find a web store with hard-to-find soaps and lotions, and new items to discover! Your Heno de Pravia shampoo is fantastic, and smooths my unruly, wavy hair and makes it soft. I'm a big Heno de Pravia fan, and love the Herbacin products too. Keep up the great work, and thanks for the fine service you always provide!

Helen in the Catskills, NY

Just wanted to say "thanks" for my order and the free sample. This is the second time I have ordered my Maja soap from your company. Ya'll are Great!!! Such fast and courteous service. You definitely have my business!!! Sincerely,

Marcelle M.. Rockwall, Texas

Dear Jacqueline, Thank you for the speedy delivery of my Agua Lavanda, and your personal note. What a nice touch. I have a long history with this product which Iíd like to share with you. My first bottle of Agua Lavanda, then an after-shave, came from a menís store in Charlotte, NC., in the summer of 1964. I was in high school in Pennsylvania at the time, but visiting a southern friend and his family for the summer. We shared the bottle at the beach, particularly on dance nights in Myrtle Beach and Ocean Drive, SC. At the end of the summer, I inherited the bottle, a small one covered in wicker with a wooden top. I managed to make that stuff last, believe it or not, for five years through the late 60s when most scents in the air were patchouli and smoke. In the early 70s I was living in San Francisco and found another bottle in a perfume shop inside the St. Francis Hotel. Now it was a cologne, the bottle HUGE, the wicker was gone but the wooden top remained. Needless to say, my thrifty spirit managed to make this one last through the next few decades. I could never find it again, this being way before internet sales, and actually resorted to cutting it with water to make it last. This year I decided it was high time to treat myself, if I could. Thatís how I found you. Lavender has become sort of motif in my surroundings, with several bushes of the desert variety around my old Craftsman home here in Pasadena. The packaging of Agua Lavanda has changed over the years, but the product remains the very best. Thanks for allowing me to keep the continuity! Now if I could only get my hands on some cakes of English Lavender shaving soap Ö. Just planting the seed. All the best,

Clint P.

I received my order of Herbacin which is so incredibly hard to find!! I was referred to you by the Herbacin co a couple of years ago, and I order from you because my sister adores Herbacin products. I look forward to your packages because the personal service is wonderful. Thanks again for making this another happy birthday for my sister!!

Michelle G., NY

After returning from Spain, I found your website. The order was beautifully wrapped, and the extra shower gel was a wonderful surprise. How refreshing to order from a company with your high standards, thank you.

Happy in Alaska, Paula H.

Hi Jacqueline: Thanks for the fabulous customer service! I look forward to receiving the order of Claus Porto Sabonete Aromatico.

Esha J.

Dear Jacqueline, my order of magno soap arrived very promptly yesterday in my post box. the packing was great, and the extra bonus bar of Toja was a lovely surprise! thank you for such good and pleasant service, i will tell my friends.

anne freeman

I just received my order of herbacin body wash and that was the fastest online order I have ever received. WHat great service!! I shopped with you last year around this time, and couldn't remember the web address and I'm so glad I've found you again.. thanks for the great service!!

Michelle G.

Dear Jacqueline - I received the box of soap gel on Friday. thank you very much for the sample gel. that was a wonderful surprise and very thoughtful. I am very pleased with my order and again I thank you for such nice customer service. I haven't been treated this nice in a long time.

Carol S.

Jacqueline, Thanks for the surprise gifts that came with my order. I will use them all and I will use them very well.

Jo Ann W.

Dear Jacqueline, I got my Algemarin last Thursday and also the lovely extras you included in my order. Thank you so much. I appreciated your handwritten note and thought it a very nice touch. Best wishes,

Claudia D., San Diego, CA

Hello to all at The Soapbar. Just wanted to give a quick thank you for your speedy service. I had my order 4 days after I placed it on-line. Your products are great, and fairly priced. Keep up the good work.

Dwight S.

Jaqueline, Thanks for the Magno shower gel. Smells good. Musgo Real is the best shaving cream I've found, and I've tried a lot of them.

Jim B.

Your delicious soap (Maja) arrived. Thank you so much. You are now in "my favorites". You will hear from me again.

Bobbe I.

You know, you sent me a free sample of the Avena. I did not think I would like it but it has turned out to be my favorite. Thanks, it has been great to do business with you. We are in marketing and let me tell you, you have a great web site that is easy to use and wonderful customer service. Great Job! Thanks.

Jay O., Lake Worth, FL

Dear Jacqueline, Everything perfect, as always. I am so happy that you are in business! Best regards and prayers for you and your dear ones,

Father Angles

Hi Jacqueline, Wow! I received my package this week and I really feel that you carry some GREAT products for a very affordable price. I especially liked the hot pink tissue paper in the box and the hand written note is a nice touch. My next order will be the Magno line,(my husband luvs it)! So until then, THANKS and continued SUCCESS! Happy Customer!!!

DC Martin

Thanks for adding the confirmation. I have to say that I'm very pleased with your product offerings, the website and the service. Keep it up!

Boris T.

Thank you so much for shipping my order so quickly. I am so glad to finally find "heno de pravia". I have a few people in Emmett that want to puchase from you. I have given them your website address. Thanks again.

Susan G.

Good Morning, I wanted to let you guys know that I was so pleased with your service,with my last order!! Nice people and super fast shipping!! What more could ya ask for... I will definately be back! Thanks and have a great day!

Mary Brown

I received my order today and I just wanted to commend you on your care,prompt shipment, careful packaging, and a handwritten note. Sure makes shopping a whole lot easier when you know there's a real person on the other end of the transaction. I'm recommending you to my friends and I will be sure to shop with you again. best-

erich l., denver,co

Dear Jacqueline - I got the package today-thank you so much. Both you and your website are an absolute pleasure. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Barbara Y. Woodside, NY

Thank you for the speedy service and the long sought for Pears soap.

Mia O., Austin, TX

The box arrived today- and all the soaps smell great-took a bath with one of the gels tonight-wonderful!

Louise M., Duluth, MN

I have received my order, thank you for your efficency and concern. I really enjoy your fragrant soaps-and they also last a very long time! Until the next order, a happy customer.

Kathleen S.