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Rance Luxury Bath Soap, Perfume, Body Cream & Shower Gel at The Soap Bar.Com

For over 200 years, Rance has remained faithful to the principals of their founder, Francois Rance, by utilizing only the highest quality ingredients and family honed techniques with intense attention to detail in the production of these Rance Classic Soaps. The Rance family originates from Grasse in the South of France and dates back to the late 1600's. In the mid 1800's half of the Rance family moved to Milan and the other half stayed in Grasse. The Rance factory is located in Milan, Italy; the fragrance and soap-making tradition is French.
  • Rance Hortense Eau de Parfum
    Rance Hortense Eau de Parfum 50ml
    Rance Hortense Eau de Parfum has delightfully arranged spicy Oriental notes of cardamom, pepper and Bergamot.
  • rance-tuberose.jpg
    Rance Tuberose Soap, Box of Six 100gr
    Rance Tuberose Soap is made of the oil of Tuberose which is said enhances libido, relaxes body & mind, sedates inflammations & nervous afflictions. Each Tuberose bar is beautifully embossed, hand-made, hand-wrapped and placed in a hand-made silk box! A gorgeous gift!
    Rance Tuberose Soap, Box of Six 100gr
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