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Claus Porto Bath and Body Products from Portugal
Claus Porto was established in 1887 in Porto, Portugal by the Ach Brito Company, one of the oldest family-owned soap and perfume manufacturers in Portugal. The Claus Porto Bath Soap and Body Care line is still produced using the same tried and tested turn of the century methods and techniques, only using the finest and most high quality ingredients. A traditional brand, Claus Porto seeks innovation, pursuing a philosophy that is artisanal oriented, yet keeping pace with modern standards.
  • claus-porto-classico-soap-foxtrot-violet_150g-1
    Claus Porto Classic Soap - Fox Trot - Violet 150g
    Claus Porto Classic Soap - Fox Trot - Violet This sweet, feminine fragrance is scented with violets, that blend with blackcurrant and mimosa.
  • saboneteira-soapdish-claus-porto_1
    Claus Porto White Porcelain Soap Dish
    Porcelain is intimately associated with Portugalís history and culture. Claus Portoís soap dish is produced in a region known for its richness in the essential manufacturing elements of porcelain, such as clay, white thin sands and crystallized pebbles.
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