Victoria Swedish Eggwhite Agg Tval Facial Soap
Victoria Swedish Eggwhite Agg Tval Facial Soap

Victoria Swedish Eggwhite Facial Soap with Lanolin and Rosewater, also known as Agg-Tval, is perfect for delicate, dry and sensitive skin types. Also contains the soothing and delicate rosewater, for a dewey finish and scent on the skin...

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Magno Soap

Magno Soap

Magno Soap, the black glycerin soap in its 58th year of production is a Spanish classic. Even though the bar of soap is black this soap produces the most opulent, white, frothy lather and its fragrance is unmistakenly distinctive. Many people first become acquainted with Magno soap during their travels in Spain...

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Rance Soap, Rance Bath & Body

Rancé Soap
Classic Soap Box Collections

Rance Le Vainqueur Le Vainqueur Napoleon's Fine Soap
Bright thrilling freshness of the Mediterranean citrus enriched with energetic tones of grapefruit, ginger and other melon tones...
Rance Lily of the Valley Soap Lily of the Valley Soap
Lily of the Valley is said to relieve depression and instill gentleness, happiness, modesty and a sweet dispostion!
Rance Olio di Rosa Soap Olio di Rose
The collection for the true Rose aficionado, composed of a a sensual blend of three precious rose oils...

Claus Porto

Claus Porto Soaps

Established in 1887 in Porto, Portugal, the Ach Brito Company is the oldest family owned soap and perfume manufacturer in Portugal.

Claus Porto

  Badedas Soap

Badedas Bath and Shower

Infused with Horse Chestnut Oil, known in Europe for it's ability to improve circulation in the body, Badedas gently cleanses deep down leaving the skin soft, supple and beautifully refreshed.

Borotalco Talc Powder Musgo Real Collection Maja Soap


Borotalco, the historic brand, was introduced in 1904 and has become synonymous, in Italy, with talcum powder.

Musgo Real for Men

Hand-made soaps, shave cream and colognes from Portugal featuring natural ingredients and clean, masculine fragrances.

Maja by Myrurgia

The very famous Maja Soap from Barcelona, Spain. Exotic, unique, unforgettable: a Spanish classic.

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