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Valobra Shave Cream & Soap from Italy at The Soap Bar.Com

  • Valobra Hard Soap Shave Stick from Italy, 50gr
    Valobra Hard Soap Shave Stick, from the famous Italian soap maker is enriched with lethicin for a skin softening shave. Moisten the rounded end of the soap stick with water and apply the shave stick directly to the face for a very surprisingly smooth and softening shave.
    Valobra Hard Soap Shave Stick from Italy, 50gr
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  • Valobra Menthol Soft Shave Cream Soap from Italy, 150gr
    An amazing old-fashioned, soft shave cream soap from Valobra, Italy. Brings up the beard for a very close shave. Slice or squeeze off a soft piece of the shave cream, (it comes wrapped like a bar of soap)and place in a cup. This shave soap cream is to be used with a brush. See the collection of Kent Brushes on our web site!
  • Valobra Glycerin and Lanolin Barrette Soap from Italy, 150gr
    Valobra Glycerin and Lanolin Barrette is a hand-made soap in the tradition of Italian master soap-makers. This antique presentation bar is truly something to see, experience and give as a gift or keep for yourself! Break this bar in half to use.
  • valobra-hard-shave-soap-fougere-fern.jpg
    Valobra Hard Shave Soap Fougere Fern Fragrance 100g
    This is a bigger version of the classic Valobra Hard Stick Shaving Soap, now made in a round shape with its handy and elegant jar. Double weight for extra long lasting.