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Claus Porto Soap Honeysuckle Ilyria

Claus Porto Honeysuckle 'Ilyria' Soap 350g

Claus Porto Honeysuckle 'Ilyria' Soap 350g
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12 reviews
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Claus Porto Soap Honeysuckle 'Ilyria' Bath Soap invokes the presence of meadows of flowers with the smooth scent of honeysuckle. It tickles your nose and fills your environment with its sweet essence, making each bath an unforgettable one. 100% vegetable base and made with shea butter too! Besides the pleasant and delicate perfume that gracefully releases, anti-septic and purifying ingredients within the soap guarantee a high freshness and hydration of the skin. Enriched with essential oils of Honeysuckle, the soap distinguishes itself through the subtle and seducing traces of it.
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Claus Porto Honeysuckle 'Ilyria' Soap 350g
Average rating:
12 reviews

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Featured positive reviews:

Claus Porto Honeysuckle 'Ilyria' Soap 350g
Excellent Customer Service
In planning my upcoming trip to Portugal I started doing some research and learned that Claus Porto soap is considered to be some of the best in the world. Of course, I had to try it for myself and found The Soap Bar company online.

I honestly think the product arrived before it showed up on my Credit Card..........Wow!!

I do like the Claus soap - but I really like and appreciate the professionalism of how quickly my ordered was processed and shipped.

Way to go Soap Bar!!