Magno Soap: Discover Softer, Firmer Skin from the Hot Springs of La Toja — Without Leaving Home

You’re bathing in the curative and healing thermal hot springs of La Toja, a beautiful island in the northwest corner of Spain; your anxieties and stress slowly slip away, and you feel your skin getting softer, firmer. And then, before you know it, you’re scrambling to get to the airport and back home, to your job, to your life.

Goodbye thermal mud baths and medicinal waters that turn your dull, sensitive skin amazingly soft. Goodbye gorgeous island of Spain.

How can you recreate that same kind of wellness and beauty experience without spending a fortune every time?

Easy. Go online and look for the renowned and distinct Magno soap.

The Magno Classic Soap bar is renowned for its origin; it comes from the world-famous therapeutic hot springs of La Toja. This popular soap bar is distinct because of its jet-black color. The soap contains iron oxide, which gives it its murky color and its crystalline state.

Now don’t think for a second that once you lather up with this beauty soap that you get black suds. On the contrary, Magno Classic Soap bar produces dense white lather. This beauty soap, created since the 1950s with salt and minerals, will lather up in hard and soft water. It will even foam up in seawater, should you be so inclined to bathe in the sea.

Why would this black beauty soap be beneficial to your skin?

The soap uses water and mineral salts from the hot springs of La Toja. La Toja hot springs have long been known for their positive effect on sensitive skin. The healing and curative properties of the hot springs have turned the island into a modern wellness and spa resort destination.

But instead of traveling all the way to Spain’s Isla de La Toja and spending thousands of dollars, you can now get the same type of experience and skincare from Magno’s jet-black soap.

Not only will this iron oxide-containing beauty soap leave your skin feeling softer and firmer, but it will also leave you with a lovely scent, the base of which is fleur de lis. The fragrance will embrace your bathroom and bedroom once you lather up in the shower or in the tub. The fragrant aroma may even remind you of your time in Isla de La Toja, creating a sense of instant and lasting relaxation.

From the fabled hot springs of La Toja and the idyllic northwest island of Spain to the very comforts of your own home. Lather up. Get softer, firmer skin with Magno’s jet-black soap.