Magno Soap at The Soap Bar.Com

magnosoap-lg-smMagno Soap from Spain, is one of the most sought-after bath soap products here at  The Soap Bar.Com.  That’s because Magno Soap’s long reputation, almost 70 years, has been one of branding it one of the most quintessentially Spanish bath products.   Why is that?  Well, first of all, the allure of a black soap is ever so different,  and exactly what one would expect to find down a cobblestone path at an artisinal soap-maker shop, in some ancient Spanish city, once ruled by the Moor’s of North Africa.

The fragrance of Magno Soap is almost indescribable, yet it is something akin to woodsy, earthy and natural.  Perfect for men and women, and the whole family.   Magno Soap affcionandos would use no other bath soap.

Magno Soap is black in color when dry but this glycerin-based soap produces oppulent white, frothy foam when wet.  The special thermal salts and other ingredients keeps Magno Soap as a classic amongst European soaps.

Many of our customers remember using Magno Soap back in the 1950’s, as they travelled through Spain.  We have heard that back in those days, bath soap was hard to find in Spain and the only soap in the hotels were small bars of Magno Soap!