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Magno Soap, Still Number One at The Soap Bar.Com

After being in production for nearly 70 years, Magno Soap and Magno Shower Gel are still the best selling products here at The Soap Bar.Com. For more than seventeen years on the internet, Magno Soap has been THE customer favorite. The black glycerin soap, with its universal fragrance appeal makes this unassuming soap from Spain a family favorite.

New Ahava Dead Sea Mineral Bath & Body Care products at The Soap Bar!

After nearly 20 years in the bath and body care product business, it is my personal opinion that Ahava Dead Sea Mineral Bath and Body Care products are truly the best in the world! I have been using Ahava Mineral Hand Cream and Ahava Mineral Body Lotion exclusively for close to 30 years! I always receive compliments on how soft my hands are and how smooth my skin is! Besides having good genes, I am positive that the excellent condition of my skin is due directly to constant, daily use of the Ahava products!

And on that note, we just received a brand new Ahava Dead Sea Mineral products, the Ahava Firming Body Cream. This is a silky, nourishing cream which works to recover skin firmness. It is formulated with Artichoke, Date fruit extracts and Caffeine, known to improve the elasticity of the skin. Approved for sensitive skin, allergy tested and Paraben-free!


We also received the Ahava Mineral Hand Cream, the BEST hand cream in the world, in a Special Edition Size of 150ml for $20.00! This is an excellent offer and savings!


And back in stock is the Ahava Liquid Salt Gel which is a shower treatment for dry, itchy skin! This one-of-a-kind liquid salt gel detoxifies and rejuvenates the skin. Enriched with an extremely high concentration of Dead Sea minerals, this treatment is like bathing in the magical waters of the Dead Sea in the comfort of your own home! Massage over your body, avoiding the face. Rinse after 2 minutes, (don’t shave your legs before you use this, ladies). This can also be used in the bath tub instead of bath soaks.


Perhaps the most important step in any skin care regime is the Ahava Mineral Body Lotion, now available in a 500ml Special Edition starter size, with a pump, for $30.00. A good body lotion should be used after each and every shower or bath. This is the secret to soft, supple, young looking skin!


As ever, we look forward to serving each and every one of you. We thank you for your long-time support of our family owned, small business. Truly, your patronage keeps us up and running and we really appreciate it!


Warmest regards,
Jacqueline and Crew